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Curriculum Content

 Our English curriculum is special in that it combines both phonetic approach and whole language approach to language teaching. As educators, we believe that students should be exposed to both approaches in order to develop to their fullest potential. As such, a major part of our curriculum focuses on the teaching of phonics, as a tool in developing students' ability to recognise letter sounds and read. At the same time, students are also taught to understand, read and write through language exposures, which is the fundamental belief of the whole language approach.
The Early Years’ English curriculum builds foundations on mastery of basic listening, speaking and literacy skills. The curriculum focuses on the teaching of capital and lower case alphabets, letters and sound recognition using phonics, as well as word recognition through whole language approach. Reading, spelling and writing form an integral part of this comprehensive curriculum where students are given opportunities from time to time to explore and develop these skills at an early age.
It must be emphasised that the focus of our learning is through meaningful and fun-filled activities, which provide opportunities for language skills development in all areas. With a sound curriculum, experienced and professional teaching staff, well-resourced teaching tools and conducive learning environment, our school has been very successful in producing competent early readers and writers of English.