Curriculum Content

St. Mark's Early Years' Mathematics curriculum stems from our belief that young children learn more effectively through hands-on experiences and activities. When students are given opportunities to explore and work on relevant and appropriate concrete learning materials, they will learn to understand the association between objects and numbers.
With a variety of teaching methodology, our curriculum focuses on the teaching of counting, reading and writing of numerical symbols and number words, understanding of numerical meaning, number bonds or the inter-relation between numbers , addition, and subtraction. The curriculum also explore other mathematical concepts, including shapes, sizes, patterns, sequences, length, weight, time, and money.
Adopting Singapore's Mathematics curriculum, students are taught the concept of number bond, as a foundation to learning of addition and subtraction. A number bond is a mental picture of the relationship between a number and the parts that combine to make it. The concept of number bond is basic, yet an important foundation for understanding of how numbers are inter-related to each other. Number bonds enable children to visualise the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. Subtraction cannot be viewed as separate concept from addition, because both operations are in fact inter-related. To subtract means to figure out how much more you would have to add to get the whole.