Curriculum Content

The rise of the economy in China has propelled an increasing interest throughout the world to learn Mandarin, making it to become a very important language of communication.
Adopting Singapore's renowned Mandarin program, St. Mark’s offers this second language program to our students starting from the age of 2 until 18 years old. Our rigorous program concentrates on students’ speaking, reading and writing abilities. The curriculum adopts Hanyu Pinyin as an aid to Chinese character pronunciation.
St. Mark’s students gained an advantage with learning the simplified Chinese writing, as opposed to learning of the traditional style. This makes the learning of writing easier yet this writing scheme is universally adopted by almost all Chinese communities around the world, including People’s Republic of China, Singapore, Europe, America and most Asian countries.
Our Mandarin classes are taught by highly qualified native Chinese teachers, who have a wealth of teaching experiences and qualifications.