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Primary Technology
Curriculum Content

The term ‘Technology’ refers to the equipment and processes used to enhance, maintain and modify the environment and resources in order to support human endeavor. It involves the purposeful application of knowledge, skills, equipment, materials, energy and data to create useful products. Every day, people come into contact with a wide variety of both simple and complex technologies - in the home, school and workplace; in agriculture, manufacturing and retail, through health services, the entertainment industry, transport and communication, and in leisure activities.
St. Mark’s technology education provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for producing products that effectively either solve a problem or meet a need. Our students do so within a context that enables them to acquire an understanding of technology’s role in the world and of the effects that specific technologies or processes have on society and the environment. Technology education also develops student skills in creating and communicating ideas, and in solving complex and varied problems.
Because technology is widely applied in society, students also learn how to use a range of equipment and resources, which includes the use of computer for data processing and use of telecommunication equipment.