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Learning Beyong The Classroom


Success in future studies, employment, and indeed life itself, flows for those who have a balanced approach to work and broader social commitments and who have established their capacity to work effectively with others. Acquisition of leadership and teamwork skills, learning how to cope with both winning and losing, building of confidence and perseverance, responding to challenges and learning to plan ahead, are but a few of the benefits of participation in co-curricular activities.


Flowing from St. Mark's special focus on pastoral care and individual attention, each student's needs and preferences are accommodated within the co-curricular selections, offering both breadth of experience, as well as depth or specialisation as appropriate.


Scouting offers our students the knowledge, skills and life lessons that will help them mature and succeed as they become adults. The program ensures that students benefits from opportunity to discover friendship, life experience, physical challenge and the chance to grow and thrive in a healthy, rewarding environment. Students are taught outdoors skills, environmentalism, cooperation, leadership skills and civic responsibility. Students who participates in scouting can expect to have a lot of fun, work hard, learn a lot and grow both physically and mentally.  

Residential Trips

From time to time, our students are given opportunities to experience residential trips with classmates.  Under close supervision from our team of teachers, our students speak powerfully of the great learning opportunities they have experienced from a residential trip. Benefits are seen in terms of increasing individual confidence, trust between peers, cooperation, building of leadership and relationship building. 

Community Service

Community service learning provides the critical missing link for many students, an opportunity to apply academic learning to real human needs and to make the knowledge gained usable in one's thinking beyond the situation in which the learning occurred.  Service learning, therefore, provides students with the motivation necessary to put forth effort in academics, it gives them more opportunities to integrate and elaborate on their knowledge, and it increases the likelihood of transferring theoretical knowledge to actual practice.

Work Experience

St. Mark's believes in an education where learning is applied to real-life. Our students are assigned to work in different organisations and past placements have included duties such as stock-taking in grocery stores, selling and servicing in a variety of stores, and facilitating in food centres. Through these experiences, students not only learn to apply their knowledge to actual situations but they also learn to appreciate the value of work. St. Mark's proudly sets expectations for every student to strive for and achieve their personal best, both academically and socially, and we actively support our students in achieving their best.