Performance Opportunities

From early years to secondary school, students are encouraged to become involved in a wide range of musical and artistic activities, which foster their musical, social and emotional progress. Complementing the pursuit of academic betterment and maximising each student's potential, these activities provide occasion to experience and expand existing or new interests and to cultivate musical and artistic talents, as well as, teamwork abilities.

Thai Dance

Thai dance is a beautiful and ancient art that still holds a central place in the arena of public performance in Thailand.  We provide interested students the chance to learn this graceful art form and display their skills at various events.

School Play

St. Mark's students have frequent opportunity to develop and display their skills in drama and acting through our regular school events.

Chinese Choir

Since Chinese (Mandarin) is such an integral part of our instructional program, we also provide the chance for our students to display their abilities not only in speaking but in the performance of various Chinese songs.
Modern Dance

Modern dance is an interesting way to reinforce coordination, physical exercise and teamwork.  Our students have always enjoyed such participation and look forward to being a part of the performance.