Sports and Physical Education
St. Mark's International School is proud of its commitment to provide a safe, interactive and friendly environment in which students can enjoy the sportsmanship, mateship, and thrill of competitive sport.  And, it is within this environment, that you are able to see the joy as a student serves and volleys for the first time, celebrate with a student their first ever soccer goal, or encourage a student to break a personal best time in the pool. 
Our physical education program provides ample opportunities for students to discover their potential  in varieties of sports, including swimming, soccer, basketball, volleyball, douceball, badminton, table tennis, taekwando, cup stacking.



Practising Taekwondo helps individuals develop in both body and mind.  More than just a sport, an exercise or self-protection, Taekwondo helps in developing the mental clarity and focus necessary to excel academically and in all the endeavours of life.


Swimming is more than just a means of staying fit.  It relaxes, soothes and helps the mind to focus through the release of necessary brain chemistry to provide both a sound mind as well as a healthy body.