Former St. Mark's Student Achieved First in Geography at River Valley High (Singapore)
Our School's Administration has been informed by Rairom's parent recently that during the recent March 2015 Year 10 examination, Rairom our former student has made it to the top, achieving first rank in Geography at River Valley High School, one of Singapore's top secondary school. 
Rairom was a former student at our school since Nursery to Grade 6.  She is the only Thai student throughout River Valley High School's history to be selected to join the school.  Since joining River Valley about 3 years ago, she has been achieving stellar results in all the benchmark assessments.  The recent examination has opened a new chapter for Rairom since she is now securing a top student position in Geography among 200 or so students in the level, obtaining a score of 91 percent.  To view her examination result and her ranking, please click here.   
On behalf of St. Mark's Administration, we would like to congratulate Rairom on her continuing success.