HSK Official Test Centre
St. Mark's International School is an Official Test Centre for HSK.  The Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì (HSK) is China's only standardised test of Standard Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers such as foreign students and overseas Chinese.  It is comparable to TOFEL assessment in English and is recognised in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions worldwide. 
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We do accept test registration and application from the general public.  To request for more informaiton regarding HSK or to register for HSK examination, please click here.
HSK Examination Schedule for 2015
 Date of Examination
 Last Day for Registration
 Saturday, 17 October 2015
 Friday, 18 September 2015
St. Mark's International School
Examination Registration Submission Procedure
 Interested candidate has the following options:
 On-line Submission: Application Form together with the required documents listed below should be   
                                     sent as attachment files to: info@stmarks.ac.th
 Paper Submission:   Application Form together with the required documents listed below should be
                                    submitted in person to our Admissions Office or Fax to 02-300-5465
 Documents Required for HSK Examination Registration Download 
 1. Print, fill-in and scan the Application Form in PDF format   
 Application Form
 2. Copy of valid Passport (Photograph Page Only) or copy of valid National 
     Identification Card in PDF format
 3. One Photograph (Size 2.5 cm in width and 3.5 cm in height) in JPG format
 4. Copy of Bank Deposit Slip as a Proof of Payment in PDF format
Examination Fee and
Payment Information