Learning Through Meaningful Experiments
Enjoying simple science projects and experiments is an excellent way for students to learn about our world in a fun and interactive manner.  St. Mark’s International School believes that prior to working on an experiment, students should be given the background knowledge and basic scientific principles that will help them to understand the mechanics of the experiment. By doing so, students understand the theory behind the activities, making discovery both meaningful and motivational.

At St. Mark’s, the process of experimentation is used to reinforce the science theory students have discovered in the classroom. Prior to engaging in an experiment, students are often encouraged to pose a hypothesis or to make an educated guess on the outcomes of the experiments base on what they have learnt. Then, by meaningful experimentation, our students’ learning is reinforced.  In this way, students develop a lasting understanding of the principles and concepts taught since they are fully engaged in the first-hand experience of seeing, touching and performing the actual experiments. At the same time, students also learn the processes involved in the conducting of experiments such as data collection techniques, the use of science apparatus, and the necessity of proper safety procedures.