At St. Mark's International School, we believe that the right opportunity can make a big difference to our students' lives and with this belief, we do offer scholarships to individuals who possess excellent academic and conduct record.   Our Scholarship Program supports students, who, due to family financial circumstances, would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend St. Mark's International School. These scholarships provide the means to develop a well-rounded and talented student who might not otherwise have the chance to achieve their potential.  Our scholarship program aims at adding to the diversity of our student body and creating a culture that celebrates achievement across different disciplines.

All scholarships carry substantial and varying remission of fees throughout the student's time at the School.  While the scholarship recipient appears to receive most of the benefits, encouraging scholars has always been, and continues to be, extremely beneficial for the School.  Below are the details of our Scholarship Program. 

Currently all application for 2015-2016 Scholarship Program is now closed.  Thank you for your interest in our Scholarship Program.