High School Video Production

Our High School students filmed a short video about Greenland for our 2017 International Day. They creatively covered interesting topics; from geography and history to agriculture, culture and tourism.

English Speech "Teenage Problems"

Our Year 8 students had the opportunity to speak out on the topic of “Teenage Problems” in English class. The speeches presented were related to issues noted by researchers as well as their own experiences.

Business Presentation by IGCSE Students

IGCSE Business Studies allow our students to develop an awareness of the nature and significance of innovation and change within the context of business. As part of our course, our students are expected to create a business idea that will suit the needs of target customers. In this video you will get to hear about their product ideas like virtual reality devices, smart irons and digital helmets.

Bake Sale for Charity

On 15-16 May 2017, our Secondary students ran their own stalls, inviting teachers, parents and students of all years to buy their products such as sweetened milk, cakes, cookies, fizzy fruit drinks and the cups of chocolate flavoured ice that were enjoyed by everyone.
Biology Experiment

Biology is the study of Science in the context of living things. Our practical learning approach enables our students to extend their knowledge through investigative techniques.

Chemistry Class

IGCSE Chemistry course serves as a springboard for students who are planning to go into medical, engineering or technical field to be able to experience and learn Chemistry in greater detail.

IGCSE Mathematics

Based on Singaporean curriculum, our program emphasises the development of solid mathematical skills. Our students learn to present data in visual formats through graphing drawing and charting on computers.

Physics Discovery

Our hands-on activities in Physics class are designed to inspire our Secondary students to examine concepts of force and energy.