ISA Results
Students from Year 3 participate annually in standardised international assessments to accurately ascertain their performance in relation to their counterparts in different international schools around the world.  These assessments focus on English Reading Comprehension, English Writing and Mathematics which gives our students excellent preparation for post-secondary education.

ISA 2017

Every year St. Mark’s International School students from Year 3 through Secondary participate in the ISA (International Schools’ Assessment), a set of tests used globally by international schools to monitor student performance. We are pleased to announce our students’ achievement in the recent ISA administered in February of 2017. Click here for more details.

ISA 2016

Our high achievers not only reflected their ability to do well in class, but also how they kept their goals high and their confidence that if they put in great effort, they would be able to get what they expected in return. Click here for more details.

ISA 2015


Our School’s Management is excited to announce another notable achievement by our students.   In the recent February 2015’s International Schools Assessment (ISA), Phaschapha (Elle) has obtained a score of 97.2% in ISA Mathematics, securing one of the highest ranking for Year 6 Mathematics among all participants from 226 international schools worldwide.  This is an exceptional achievement and marks one of the highest achievements in our school’s history. The score achieved by Phaschapha is equivalent to the Year 9 Mathematics standard, which is 3 academic levels higher than her current age. On behalf of St. Mark’s International School Management, we would like to congratulate Phaschapha and her family on this magnificent achievement.  For detail of her ISA result, please click here
When analysing the overall class performance statistics of our current Year 6 students, 11% of the total class population are achieving a Mathematics standard equivalent to end of Year 9, 45% are achieving a Mathematics standard equivalent to end of Year 8, and 11% are achieving a Mathematics standard equivalent to end of Year 7.  With this statistics, an overall of 67% of all our current Year 6 students are achieving a Mathematics standard between 1 to 3 academic levels above average Year 6 students in other international schools that participated in the recent ISA.  This is a very remarkable achievement as a class!
The International Schools Assessment (ISA) assesses students in three learning areas namely, English Reading, English Writing and Mathematical Literacy. All of our Year 3 to Year 8 students participates in this assessment annually in February. For this year’s assessment, over 42,000 students from 226 international schools in 63 countries participated in the ISA.  

ISA 2014

In 2014, St. Mark's students have achieved fantastic results, where many are able to attain scores in the top 1%, 5% and 10% among all participants in their year level worldwide.  Click here for more details.