In October 2017, our students participated in an art competition on the theme of “Together For Peace”. The purpose was to create an open opportunity for students to express their own world view. The artworks received show students’ ideas about such topics as having a peaceful home, having a happy eco-friendly environment, expressing kindness and contributing to society, as well as more complicated issues surrounding politics and wars. Awards were presented to our winners at our annual International Day event on 20th October.

The students who won the art competition are listed below:

Janine Jirasakuldech (Pre-Preparatory), Phawipunya Indarakris (Year 1), Quiller Boudah (Year 2), Chanaporn Leelaprapal (Year 3), Netanya Pisutboriboon (Year 4), Cleojai Ruangmethanon (Year 4), Justine Henin Arellaga (Year 5), Patham Laosakulporn (Year 5), Weerin Arunsakul (Year 6), Wadfah Charoenchai (Year 6), Tanatpong Anantawittayanon (Year 8), Matthew Ngan (Year 8), Melanie Pepyat (Year 9) and Xinni Zhang (Year 9).