Congratulations to our students’ success in receiving 10 medals at the recent International Math Challenge VII, held on Saturday, February 24, 2018 at King Mongkut Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang. This year’s International Math Challenge has grown to become very large, with around 700 participants from 38 schools, and it has become truly international, with schools from 17 countries participating.

St. Mark’s International School has been participating in the International Math Challenge for the 5th consecutive year, and in the past, our students have never failed to bring back medals and award certificates. Our students have always been recognised for their high level of mathematics competency in this international competition arena.

The competition was divided into 3 categories, namely, Category 1 (Year 4-5), Category 2 (Year 6-7) and Category 3 (Year 8-9). We have sent 15 student representatives, ranging across all categories, and we are pleased to announce that our students have won in every category, with their results as follows:

Category 1 (Year 4-5)
Patham – Silver Medal
Subin – Bronze Medal
Cleojai – Bronze Medal

Category 2 (Year 6-7)
Nazneen – Silver Medal
Weerin – Bronze Medal

Category 3 (Year 8-9)
Tampraphon – Gold Medal
Thien – Silver Medal
Thananchai – Silver Medal
Pannaruj – Bronze Medal
Andrea – Bronze Medal

The most notable performance goes to Tampraphon (Kyu) of Year 8, who has won Gold in Category 3 (Year 8-9), which is the highest level for this competition. We would like to congratulate his family on this stellar achievement.

On behalf of St. Mark’s Administration, we would like to congratulate our winning students and their families on their success. We would like to thank our parents and all our teachers, who have played a part in the success of our students’ achievement.