Splendid IGCSE Results from our First Batch of Year 10 Students
Congratulations to Supachai Ruangmethanon (Shane) and Verulee Amphaikitpanich (Snow) for their superb achievement in IGCSE Mandarin as a Foreign Language examination, taken in May 2015. Both students achieved an A* for this subject and they are happy to share their study tips with students who wish to succeed in their studies.

Preparation for the Exam

Shane and Snow chose to take 2 subjects for their recent May IGCSE examinations, while they plan to take the rest of the other subject this November. Shane, who scored 94% for his IGCSE Mandarin, mentioned to us that he believed that the reason he did well was because he had been attempting many past papers about one month prior to the examination.“We have been working hard, especially when preparing for the exam,” said Shane.
“I think the most challenging part of the IGCSE exam was trying to remember the Chinese characters and trying to understand what the examiner was looking for. I was quiet nervous during the exam because I was not really confident at first. My teacher was trying to encourage me and that has made me feel better,” he added.

Snow took 2 IGCSE examinations and scored 92% for her Mandarin. “I did some past papers and searched for the Chinese syllabus online. It took me about one year of advance work to prepare for the exam,” Snow told us about her preparation. Like Shane, she agrees that writing Mandarin is challenging and a lot of practice has helped her to do well.

Contribution from St. Mark's Teacher to their Success
“Our teacher, Ms Joey Li, spoke only Mandarin with us and encouraged us to do work every day and during lunch time. She was enthusiastic and encouraging, which pushed us to work hard.” Shane also expressed his appreciation saying, “She is a dedicated teacher! She was patient and we didn’t have to fear asking questions.” “She was more than happy to assist us again and again,” Snow added.

Advice to Younger Students

Shane suggested that the juniors ‘do something relaxing before the exams such as listening to music or reading a book’. “It makes me feel better,” and added that “Revise but don’t crowd too much into your head otherwise you won’t remember.”

“Normally, people are very stressed before a big exam. But I would say don’t be so stressed. Just relax but  also concentrate on your studies. Try to do the past papers and rest a lot. It helps,” Snow said.

Further Information on Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)

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